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Why I Choose Beech-Nut Baby Food Over Gerber

Why I Choose Beech-Nut Baby Food Over Gerber

I am a Beech-Nut baby food fan!  I’ve tried different kinds of Gerber baby food, but I always go back to Beech-Nut.  I am specifically talking about the newest line of Beech-Nut, not the Classic line.  The jars that look like this:

Why I Choose Beech-Nut Baby Food Over Gerber

I’ll share with you the reasons why I just can’t feed my baby any other brand of baby food.


1. The only ingredients in a jar of Beech-Nut baby food are the actual fruits/veggies in the name.  Examples: “just Bartlett Pears” “just Pineapple, Kale, Apple & Carrot”

No added water.  This means that these jars of baby food have a lot of different textures and consistencies.  It’s not all liquid like Gerber’s baby food.  Beech-Nut actually says “It’s not baby food… it’s real food for babies.”  I like the sensory qualities the variety of textures offers my baby.  It’s like Little One is eating veggies straight from my food processor.


2. Beech-Nut is the next best thing to homemade baby food.  From what I’ve found in my research, the trend of making your own baby food has surfaced, causing baby food jar sales to suffer.  Beech-Nut’s newest line is a response to the declining baby food sales.  They created a line of baby food that caters to moms who have the desire to feed their babies unprocessed foods straight from their kitchen.  This line of baby food is just like homemade, but without the work involved in actually making your own.  And it worked, because this is exactly the selling point that initially drew me in.


3. There are all sorts of fun fruit and vegetable combinations.  Beech-Nut mixes fruits and vegetables that I would never have thought to mix… but somehow they work.  It’s great because Little One gets his fruit and vegetable nutrients all at one time, and it disguises the nasty tasting green beans with some yummy fruit.  A few of Little One’s favorite combinations are:

Beets, Pear & Pomegranate

Sweet Potato, Orange & Pineapple

Mango, Carrot, Strawberry & Chia

Banana, Orange & Pineapple

(Even with the well-disguised veggies, he still prefers the mostly fruit-based combos)


Have any of you other moms out there tried Beech-Nut’s baby food?  What do you think about it?


{Disclaimer} I did not receive monetary compensation for my review of this product.  I only recommend products I use personally.  I like sharing my positive experiences with others in hopes that they may benefit from them as well.


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