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Top 10 Favorite Thirty-One Products (A Mom’s Paradise!)



The world of Thirty-One is an amazing place.  I have what most would probably refer to as an unhealthy addiction to bags.  Bags of all kinds, really… but especially Thirty-One bags.  Thirty-One has made my life so organized!  These products have made an especially big difference in my organization of life and traveling with my son.  I’ve been growing my Thirty-One collection for several years now.  I was even an Independent Consultant of the company for a while.  That was great.  I mean, truly great.  I loved it.  Well, I loved all the free bags and the discounts.  What I didn’t love was being a salesman.  My personality is definitely not cut out for that kind of lifestyle.  So now I am an inactive consultant.  However, while I no longer sell Thirty-One, I am still passionate about the products and the company. And when I find things I love, I love to share the good with others!

I have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite products that are available in Thirty-One’s current catalog. My picks are based on products I actually own and enjoy using most often.  Keep in mind that each of these products come in a variety of prints.  If you see something in my list that you would like to try out for yourself, I would love to direct you to my friend, Becca, an {active} Independent Consultant with Thirty-One.  You can shop the catalog and order through her here.


10. Canvas Crew Coin Purse








It fits my drivers license, and has a separate zipper for cards/cash.  The coolest part is the little clasp that you can connect straight to your purse.  Never again be fumbling around your purse looking for your money!


9. Retro Metro Weekender








This is an awesome weekend bag, as the name suggests.  And I just love its casual, laid back look.


8. Mini Zipper Pouch









I have several of these and they’re great for so many things!  They are 5.5 in x 7.5 in.  I keep a few in my diaper bag for organization, and a few in my beauty bag as well.


7. Fold N File











I love these!  It’s such a cute way to store all your files!  And a plus… they fit perfectly down into the Zip-Up Organizing Utility Tote, which you will see more about further down.


6. Essential Storage Tote









These totes are perfect for getting groceries!  Just bring a few with you to the grocery store and forego the need for plastic sacks!


5. Medium Thermal Zipper Pouch









This pouch is one of my favorite things for my son’s food and milk needs.  When we go out, I can store his sippy of milk in this pouch and it stays cold all day!


4. Retro Metro Bag








My go-to bag when I need to grab a few random items as I’m headed out the door.  It’s super stylish and casual.  Cuter than a canvas tote, but not quite a purse.  It’s great.


3. Fresh Market Thermal









A giant thermal tote.  Use it for ALL of your “cooler” needs as well as when you need to keep something warm.  It even fits a 9×13 pan.


2. Large Utility Tote








My husband’s favorite tote ever, and #2 on my list.  Outdoor Broker loves it because it has made our trips soooo much easier.  You can fit SO MUCH stuff in these totes.  When we travel, I like to put our smaller bags into this one tote.  That way, instead of having to carry lots of smaller bags, there’s only this one big tote.  It is great for groceries as well.  It has an endless amount of uses, actually.


1. Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote











The tote that made it to the very top of my list.  I have 6 of these.  I know.  I might be obsessive.  I prefer to consider myself brilliantly resourceful.  This is the most versatile tote I own.  The ways I use these totes include baby/diaper bag, crochet yarn and hook organizer, traveling, bath toys/wash cloths/towels in my son’s bathroom, cleaning supplies, crafts, and random storage and transporting of anything and everything.  You can do pretty much anything you want with this tote.  Once you have one, you will just keep wanting more and more.


Thanks for reading my list!  What are your favorite Thirty-One products and how do you enjoy using them?

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