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Things NOT To Do While With Child

Things NOT To Do While With Child

Things NOT To Do While With Child

1. DO NOT watch Private Practice.  You will be convinced that you have pre-eclampsia at 8 weeks and that your baby is growing two heads.

2. DO NOT let anybody make you feel crazy when you eat Chick-fil-A three times in one day.  So what if you want a chicken salad sandwich and waffle fries for lunch and dinner and a peach milkshake as an evening snack?  That stuff is good.

3. When people compliment your wedding ring, DO NOT feel obligated to explain that it is only a fake that you bought for $8.00 at Wal-Mart when your real ring started cutting off your circulation.

4. DO NOT post about eating sushi or drinking coffee on social media.  You will be bombarded by people who have nothing better to do than to inform you that raw fish and caffeine are bad for your baby.  First of all, duh, you already know that.  Second of all, you’re eating a California Roll (not raw) and drinking decaffeinated coffee.  You’d better get used to using the hashtag #relaxitsdecaf.

5. Do not wish your pregnancy away.  I know you feel miserable and you can’t wait to hold your little baby in your arms.  But not every woman is given this chance.  Remember that you are assisting God in a miracle.  Cherish this time.  It is precious, and it will be over all too soon.




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