Music Therapy for your Marriage

Music Therapy for your Marriage

I would love to share with you one of my favorite bands.  The band is Copperlily.  Copperlily is a husband/wife duo. Tim Skipper is the lead singer of the Christian band House of Heroes, and his wife Stephanie Skipper has had a solo career in the Christian pop scene as Stephanie Smith.  Together, their music style is folk/acoustic/singer songwriter.  Their music is relatable, passionate, encouraging, and inspiring. Many of their songs express the joys, hardships, and beauty of marriage. Copperlily always gives me the feeling of being uplifted and refreshed!

First of all, I will share with you how I initially heard about the band.  My husband is a big fan of House of Heroes. I believe he would say they are his favorite band.  (Sidenote: Their music is great… you should totally check them out too…)  So my husband follows House of Heroes on Facebook, and whenever the lead singer announced that he and his wife were creating their own band called Copperlily, of course Outdoor Broker was really excited.  He immediately bought their EP.

So I casually listened to a few of their songs, but didn’t really intially give them a chance.  Don’t ask me why.  Sometimes I get in funks where I don’t like trying new music… and then I get over it.  But I would say that my love for Copperlily did not start until the first time I saw them in concert.  One day in early 2014, they announced on Facebook that they would be touring through Texas in the spring, and requested that their fans suggest venues for them to hit during the tour.  The short of it is that Outdoor Broker got them to come to our town and perform a small, intimate concert at our local listening room… on our wedding anniversary!

It was a really neat experience because my husband arranged their coming here, and ended up taking the Skippers to supper before the concert.  I was unable to eat with them because of circumstances surrounding my little baby.  But he got to visit with the lead singer of his favorite band, so it was probably the highlight of his year.  (Besides the day our son was born!!)

I attended the concert, though, and completely fell in love with the two of them and their music!  I was so inspired by the way they were able capture the raw truth about marriage and so gracefully make it into music.  They even devoted a song to Outdoor Broker and I since it was our anniversary.  It was a very special night for the both of us.  I spent the whole concert just literally in awe and trying not to cry! (Something in the way I was built makes me cry whenever I feel passionate about something.  Whether good, bad, happy, sad.  It’s actually really annoying…)  But seeing these two people make music together was simply a blessing.  Their chemistry and obvious love for each other seemed to spill over and pour out onto the audience.  Their faces glowed as they sang to each other.  It was beautiful.

We like to joke and say that being there at the concert was better than marriage counseling.  The last year and a half before this show had been difficult for us, and then to top it off we had just had a baby three months prior to the concert.  So we were also struggling as we were learning how to nurture our relationship with a child in the mix.  It really was like therapy for us at the time.  We walked away from the show inspired and with a renewed motivation to love each other.

And this is how it began.

Copperlily has since released a full-length album… which rocks just as much, if not more, than their EP.  We have enjoyed their music ever since the beginning, and just recently Outdoor Broker was able to get them to come back during their current tour.  So once again, we were blessed to take joy in their company and music.

And so now that I have talked them up, let’s meet the band!




Here is the first Copperlily song I heard.



This next song is probably my favorite.  You will see why.



Here are a few more.




While Copperlily was here recently, they were interviewed by a favorite podcast of mine.  Learn more about the band’s history and inspiration here: Copperlily Interview by The Theonauts


{Copperlily Links}


Definitely check these guys out!  Your marriage will thank you!




{Disclaimer} I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.  I enjoy sharing my positive experiences with others in hopes that they may benefit from them as well.

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