My Adoption Playlist

{photo by Lauren Pinson Photography}   We are entering a critical part of our adoption.  We are simply waiting for a call telling us when we can travel to adopt … Continue Reading →

Music Therapy for your Marriage

I would love to share with you one of my favorite bands.  The band is Copperlily.  Copperlily is a husband/wife duo. Tim Skipper is the lead singer of the Christian band … Continue Reading →

Why I Choose Beech-Nut Baby Food Over Gerber

I am a Beech-Nut baby food fan!  I’ve tried different kinds of Gerber baby food, but I always go back to Beech-Nut.  I am specifically talking about the newest line … Continue Reading →

Baby “Essentials” I Didn’t Use

  As a first time mom, I was pretty clueless on the baby items I needed.  I relied solely on lists I found online and the advice of family and … Continue Reading →

Things NOT To Do While With Child

1. DO NOT watch Private Practice.  You will be convinced that you have pre-eclampsia at 8 weeks and that your baby is growing two heads. 2. DO NOT let anybody … Continue Reading →

Top 10 Favorite Thirty-One Products (A Mom’s Paradise!)

  The world of Thirty-One is an amazing place.  I have what most would probably refer to as an unhealthy addiction to bags.  Bags of all kinds, really… but especially … Continue Reading →

RSS Feed and Email Subscription Error

  My dear MandyElise blog subscribers, I recently discovered a problem in my blog’s RSS Feed and email subscriptions.  My subscribers have not been being notified when I have a … Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List

    I have a few literary goals for myself this summer.  I don’t have a lot of time to read these days, but I’d like to spend more of … Continue Reading →