Baby Gear… Worth It or a Waste of Money?



When I became a new mom, I was pretty much clueless on which baby items were essential as opposed to which ones were just a gimmick.  Let’s face it, the world is full of businesses grasping at straws and trying to make a buck off of unsuspecting customers like you and I.  Unfortunately, the baby industry is not immune.  What a better way to make money selling worthless gadgets than to emotional expectant mothers who want the best the world has to offer for their new baby?  I would have loved to have a list of things that are actually worth owning… as well as a list of things not to waste your money purchasing.  So after living the life of parenthood for a while now, I have compiled a list of items that I have tried and can attest to their merit.  I’ve also singled out a few things that I  invested in that ultimately ended up not being worth it.


– In my opinion – Don’t waste your money:

1. Sophie the Giraffe



I know picking this item may cause some controversy, but I just have to include it.  It’s at the top of the list because this toy really had me hooked in the beginning.  If any toy could make me turn a complete 180… it’s Sophie.  I am convinced it’s part of Sophie’s sneaky plan.  She is so amazing at first.  I loved her because my little one loved her.  I mean, he REALLY loved her.  She was his absolute favorite thing.  And then… he bit a hole in her foot.  My little toothless babe bit a hole in the amazing giraffe after only 2 maybe 3 months.  So what did I do?  I decided to buy another one… for $30.  I had to because she was his FAVORITE thing!  So I went to Target to get him another one.  Once I got there I realized something.  I will have spent $60 (for the first and second one) on a little rubber teething giraffe.  That’s CRAZY!  $60 on a TEETHER??  I opted out of that buy there on the spot and chose the $12 Kiki the Elephant (Target’s version of Sophie) instead.  Little One, of course, doesn’t love Kiki near as much as he did Sophie… but I can deal with that.

So here’s the bottom line… if you want to take the risk, that’s really okay.  Your little one may not be such an aggressive chewer as mine.  And I can tell you that for the time you DO have an intact Sophie, you will be in love.  But for me, I do not want to be dishing out $30 every two months on a rubber teether (no matter how much my little one loves it.)  His other <$5 teethers work just fine.  He hasn’t chewed through any of those, and he forgot all about Sophie the day after she died.  So I won’t be wasting my money on another one any time soon.  I’m just glad that my little one chewed through Sophie before he was old enough to realize that he missed her.

(I looked it up and it is currently cheaper than $30 on Amazon… but still.)


2. WubbaNub


My little one used Soothie pacifiers for the first 3 months of his life, so naturally I had to get him a WubbaNub.  The one we had was a giraffe (since he liked Sophie so much).  Here’s my dilemma: The age recommendation for the Wubbanub pacifier is 0-3 months.  During that age span, my little one was not yet gripping or holding onto things.  So the Wubbanub would just kind of hang out of his mouth, and he couldn’t care less about the giraffe.  By the time he got big enough to hold onto the giraffe, he had outgrown the pacifier.  So if your baby has a small mouth, or if he grips things at an earlier age than mine… sure go ahead and get one.


3. Pee-Pee Teepee – $11.00


Just don’t.


4. A nice, expensive changing pad cover



Thinking about it now, it just kind of sounds self-explanatory.  But at the time, I was only thinking about decorating my cute little nursery.  Let me tell you, it made awesome Pinterest-worthy nursery photos… before the baby was born.  After the baby got here though, I don’t think the nursery has ever actually looked like that perfect photo did.   My cute Land of Nod orange polka-dot changing pad cover is now covered in smeared poo stains which I can’t quite seem to get out.

It’s not so bad now that my little one isn’t exploding anymore… but those first few months are bad.  The whole nursery looked like a crime scene at times.  So dear new pregnant mom buying an adorable pad cover… good luck keeping it, much less anything else, clean.  Seriously, save that adorable bad boy for later months.  You’ll thank me later.


5. Bumbo


I know tons of parents absolutely adore this thing.  Personally, I don’t.  I didn’t own one, but a friend lent me hers for a while.  Several things… 1. My babe’s thighs were too big to comfortably fit.  (He has massive thighs) 2. I’ve heard horror stories of babies falling off counters while in these things.  Parents, don’t sit your babies in a Bumbo on the counter!!! 3. I’ve read that too much time in a Bumbo can damage a baby’s growing spine 4. He got bored cause there’s nothing to play with.  I just ended up sitting little one in a bouncer seat all the times that I’d be sitting him in the Bumbo.  It worked just fine, and plus he had some toys to bat at while he sat there.  The Bumbo’s not worthless, but I can do without it.



Worth It:


1. Diaper Genie


I’ve heard quite a few people say this is a waste of money, and I was of that opinion in the beginning.  We started out with a regular metal trash can with the pop up lid and foot pedal.  As it turned out, little one’s room was constantly stinky.  Even wet diapers in the trash can created a stench that would waft throughout the room.  Outdoor Broker suggested getting one of these Diaper Genies after seeing one that a friend has.  We got one and I absolutely love it!  The icky odor is gone!  It really does hold in the stench.  Even the stinkiest poopy diapers stay in the genie without creating any smell in the room.  I changed my mind about this one, and now in my opinion it’s definitely worth the money!


2. Video Monitor


I debated whether I needed the video or just an audio monitor, but I ended up deciding to go with the video.  I am glad I did.  I have the tendency to be a little paranoid… and being able to see him any time I hear him make a noise has been very comforting to me.  I haven’t had to run into his room with every noise I hear (like I know I would be doing without the monitor).  If you’re the paranoid type as I am, video monitors are absolutely awesome.  – the picture shows the one I have.


3. Rock N’ Play


At our house this is referred to as “the taco.”  And it is amazing.  Little One slept exclusively in the taco for his first 2 months.  It was great because it is inclined.  That was awesome during the spitting up stage.  I never had to worry about him getting choked up.  I also loved it because I could reach down from bed and rock the taco with my hand to soothe him back to sleep.  Want a little extra icing on the cake?  The sides are mesh.  So if your baby happens to wedge himself against the side of it (mine never did), he can still breathe.


4. A good quality baby swing

Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle 'n Swing_13039765_01

The one we have is this one, the Fisher Price My Little Lamb.  We started out with the cheap Graco swing that was part of the same collection as my Pack N’ Play and stroller.  It started out okay, but eventually it began to not swing correctly.  It stopped swinging completely before we decided to send it to Graco.  After checking it out, they determined it was malfunctioning (like I already knew) and sent us a full refund.  I must say I was impressed by Graco’s customer service.  I put the refund towards this nicer swing.  It was absolutely worth the extra money.  It is still working great even though my Little One has outgrown it.  It is a much better quality swing, has a moving mobile, plays lullabies, and can be turned to swing the baby forward and backward instead of side to side.


5. Aiden and Anais muslin blankets


These are great for swaddling and continue to be awesome way beyond the swaddling months.  Plus, they feel absolutely amazing.  I love to snuggle with them myself.


I hope this list was helpful to you!  I know everyone’s opinions differ, and I would love to hear your opinions on these products!  Did you have a great experience with one of my five waste of money items?  What are some of the baby products that you think are a waste of money or overrated?  Leave me your feedback with a comment below!



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