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Baby “Essentials” I Didn’t Use


Baby "Essentials" I Didn't Use

As a first time mom, I was pretty clueless on the baby items I needed.  I relied solely on lists I found online and the advice of family and friends.  As it turned out, I ended up with a few things I understood as “essentials” that barely got touched, if ever at all.  Here they are.

1. Baby Powder

I wasn’t sure what to use it for when I bought it, and I’m still kind of confused as to why it even exists.  We have NEVER used it.

2. Baby Lotion

Our pediatrician advised against using baby lotion when Little One was an infant, and so we just never got into the habit of using it.  We had all sorts of sample sizes and two big bottles.  We really only use it to give Little One a massage when he isn’t feeling well.  I can count the times we’ve done that on two hands.

3. Bumper Pads

I had my heart set on a quilted bumper pad similar to one I had seen on Pinterest.  I searched the internet, but could not find anything like what I had in mind.  So I decided to make my own.  I spent many hours sewing my bumper pads.  They turned out alright for an amateur, and it looked really cute.  Well, one day I read something about how bumper pads are a suffocation hazard for babies.  Now, I’m a pretty paranoid person by nature (even though I try not to be.)  So I took some super awesome pictures of my crib rocking the bumper pads before Little One was born… and then I bought some mesh bumper pads.  They would be a safer alternative if Little One ever managed to cram himself up against the side of the crib.  My bumper pad masterpiece got stuffed in the closet.  I’m still brainstorming of some way I can still use them.  I’m considering remaking them to be crib teething guard pads.

4. Sippy Cups

We were given several sippy cups before Little One was born, but we didn’t actually end up using them.  Little One pretty much went from bottles to cups with straws.  He had a short transition period where he used one small sippy cup meant for weaning from the bottle, but quickly moved on to using straws for most of his drinks.  From my research, I have found that drinking from straws or straight out of a cup is better for a baby’s mouth development.  So we just kind of skipped the sippy cup altogether.  It has worked great so far.

5. Baby Shoes

We didn’t really put shoes on Little One until he started toddling around.  We had some cute infant shoes, but we just never made him wear them.  One reason is because of the massive size of this kid’s feet.  They are so WIDE and his ankles are so big that, as a baby, his feet would not fit into a shoe smaller than a 4.  The problem with that was that the length of his foot went about halfway into the shoe, and the shoes looked GINORMOUS on his tiny little body.  Ok, so there was that.  I also thought, “Why put shoes on a baby that just lies around all day?”  Now that he’s bigger, we still have that problem with his feet, but the severity of the feet/shoe size is not near as drastic.  We just have to choose shoes with wide openings.

6. Flannel Receiving Blankets

My mom and I determined that these blankets were made much bigger when I was a baby.  These days, the flannel receiving blankets are too small to swaddle a baby.  If I used these at all, it was only on the changing table to keep my pretty changing pad from being pooped on.


Have you found any use in these so-called baby “essentials?”  If so, comment and let me know!


  • Amy Whiteman says:

    I wish more people wrote these kinds of lists. It’s always about “stuff” you have to have. I completely agree with this entire list. My worst was the receiving blankets, I never used a single one. That and regular blankets, where am I going to store 15 blankets for gods sake.

    • mandy says:

      Thank you for your comment! I know, there are not enough lists out there of the things that you DON’T need! I completely agree about the blankets. I had an abundance of super soft blankets, but not enough reasons to use them all.

  • betty says:

    I used all of the above that you listed.

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