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About Me


Hi, I’m Mandy!  I’m a twenty-something who’s really enjoying life!  I am married to my best friend, and consider myself blessed that he chooses to love me every day.  We have a baby boy (aka Little One), and another little baby currently living in Ethiopia.  We should be able to bring him home by the end of the year!

I’ve done the whole college thing as well as the whole job thing, and now I’m able to stay home with my new little love.  I spend most of my days gawking at him.  My husband (aka Outdoor Broker) is a financial advisor – taking care of all your investment needs.  We live in a small Texas town and love it.  Although we’re not cowboys, I’ve been told I have an accent.

I am a flawed person who happens to be a huge fan of Jesus and grace.  I spent many years discounting grace and not extending it to others.  But God has opened my eyes to his love and has shown me how badly I need grace.  Now I can’t get enough!

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By default, I have pretty strong introverted tendencies.  But I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone and being a more outgoing person.  I am also striving to be a less selfish and more loving person.

My biggest passions in life are learning more about God, building stronger marriages, taking care of orphans, and speaking up for all the unborn babies whose voices have been lost.  My smaller passions include traveling, reading, singing, crocheting, and listening to music.

Some of my favorite things are acoustic music, musical theater, heavy metal Christian music, LOL cats, foxes, rain, song lyrics, Jane Austen-inspired movies, Christmas, lace, pearls, polka dots, bags, and coffee.  I have not met a coffee I do not like, but a sure way to my heart is to surprise me with an iced mocha – no whip.


I like to make lists.  And when I find products I like, I want to share them with others.  So mostly, you’ll find posts about awesome things I like.  But occasionally I’ll write about marriage, motherhood, adoption, and Jesus.

Oh, and I’m glad you’re here!  Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!




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